Useful links relating to Web Dev, WordPress and more..

WordPress related: The WordPress site for downloads, themes, plugin’s and documentation/help ($80/yr for 2 sites) (Free) Amazon s3 bucket interface Usefull articles and tutorials relating to WordPress

Older links: Danbury Area Computer Society All about HTML, tutorials and more The Drupal site for downloads and more Test drive your website in different media sizes

Adobe Developer Center. Links to tutorials, including dynamic development using the latest version of Dreamweaver Help to ensure a site works correctly in AOL Details & tutorials about CSS In-depth look at table construction…. Dreamweaver forum Dreamweaver tutorials Time it takes to download a specified file size Both Fireworks and Dreamweaver tutorials A Fireworks slicing tutorial Articles relating to various aspects of web design Handy “ruler” for the desktop Does your site conform to the W3C standards for HTML and XHTML? Test drive your site in other browsers – free for 24 hrs. See how a text-only browser displays your site

Sites dealing with CSS: source for free code The Master reference.. Usefull references from the author of CSS -The definitive Guide, an O’Reilly book Same HTML – totally different pages, all done in CSS CSS layout techniques Get rid of the tables and try CSS for layout (Also known as “a guide for the unglued”! Follow the links to validate your work.) Strange & weird examples of CSS! Good CSS tutorial CSS explained in detail How-to and reference articles More CSS information

Sites dealing with SEO Good advice on optimising site design Check the free sample of their service, helps define effective keywords Up to date info on Search Engines All about the robots.txt file – guides the search engines and spiders Here’s the place to add your site Yahoo again offers a free site submission The big directory – just make sure to pick the best category for your site Don’t do the mass-submissions, but interesting info nevertheless Check your page to make sure all your links are working Irreverent but true!

If you come accross tutorials or sites you find helpfull, please contact me and they will be added to this list. Sites are checked for content, but no quarantees and browse at your own risk!